Hotel and Restaurant Management Company

CrystalConsultant is a hotel and restaurant management company offering a wide range of services including sales and marketing, operations, financial management and reporting.

We bring together a wealth of experience, to offer consultancy and hands-on management. Many hotel and restaurant management companies are more interested in building their own brand than yours. At CrystalConsultant our primary interest is in helping you to build your business - whether you are an individual hotel(restaurant) or club, or a large chain. Our brand stays in the background, offering support, advice and expertise.

We are strong team of experienced hospitality industry professionals, each of whom has experience on both the client side of the industry and working with well-respected hotel management companies in the UK, Cyprus and Bulgaria.

As a hotel and restaurant management company we recognise the highly competitive nature of the hospitality industry these days, and we look to apply innovative but practical management practices across every aspect of the operation. Our approach is to allow a lot of freedom to individual managers, but to deliver robust support, and complete accountability for each of our areas of responsibility.

We believe that professional management, marketing and operations can maximise profitability and business value.

If you are looking for a hotel or restaurant management company to support your own management team, to help you with an investment, development or launch project, talk to CrystalConsultant. We take a no-nonsense approach that clients appreciate and is fully accountable.

Read more about our services here, or better still, give us a call, and let's talk.

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