Consultancy Services

With experienced consultants in a range of disciplines, CrystalConsultant is positioned to offer objective, expert advice on all aspects of hotel and restaurant management.

Typical Consultancy Services:

• Pre-opening service & development

• Business turn-around

• Operational performance

• Sales and marketing

• Purchasing and stock control

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Pre-Opening Services

If you are a property owner or an investor considering how to maximise return on your capital, can provide expert services including feasibility studies to assess the potential profitability of a hotel or restaurant.

We have strong relationships with practitioners in a range of related services such as architects, surveyors, designers, enabling us to develop concepts that are based on appropriate designs and sound operational and commercial foundations.

CrystalConsultant can provide a complete development service, or you can choose from a menu of services dependent on your specific requirements.

Typical pre-opening support consultancy:

• Sales and marketing

• Recruitment

• Financial management

• Operations

• Purchasing

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Business Turn-Around

CrystalConsultant provide a turn-around service to stabilise businesses which are under-performing or failing, and return them to profitability. We will identify weaknesses in the business and propose appropriate solutions using a detailed review and action plan.

CrystalConsultant provide a broad range of added value services in order to help hotels realise their full commercial potential and ultimately increase their long term value.

Following a detailed and rigourous review of your hotel operation, our specialist team members within each area of the business will produce tailored strategic recommendations, complemented by deliverable action plans that will address those areas of the business either found to be falling short of the owners expectation or industry norm.

Areas of review and consequent action plans will primarily focus upon the following business areas:

• Sales, Marketing and Pricing Strategy

Is sufficient resource allocated to both reactive and proactive Sales? Is there a timebound Sales, Marketing and PR Plan in place and alive in the business? What is the extent of knowledge on the recognised Competitor Set? Are published Tariffs across all market segments correct? Is the business generating Fair Market Share? Is current Electronic Distribution efficient?

• Expense management

Are all necessary Departmental expense controls in place? Who takes ownership? Are expenses controlled to Budget? Does an Energy Management plan exist? What level of expense consolidation can be implemented?

• Payroll and Staffing Structure

Typically representing anything between 30% and 40% of turnover, is the current payroll cost justifiable? Are performance KPI's in place across all departments? Does the present manpower plan contain sufficient flexibility to be viable when revenues fall short?

• Purchasing efficencies

Who do we buy from? Are prices charged the best for us or best for the supplier? Is purchasing power fully leveraged? Are teams incentivised to puchase better?

• Operational day to day business management

Is Revenue and Profit forecasting in place and accurate? Is cashflow being managed effectively? Are all Fire, Health and Safety Statutory obligations fully adheded to? Is there a positive culture of business ownership in place within the hotel team? Are management fully accountable? Are hospitality standards commensurate with prices charged? Are service standards consistent?The above questions are only some examples of what may be included in any business review. Each project we undertake is tailored to address the specific needs of the business and the business owner.To discuss your own specific needs in more detail, please call us today to make an appointment.

Operational Performance

CrystalConsultant offers a consultancy service to analyse operational performance, and to make proposals for improvements.

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Sales and Marketing

Success in sales and marketing starts with understanding the hospitality market-place as a whole, understanding your property, defining its current and desired position in the market-place, and building a product/service that will exceed the expectations of your target customers.

Sometimes, the product may need fine-tuning to keep pace with a changing market-place. Other times, it may be a case of pursuing a more aggressive sales strategy, or building greater impact into marketing activities. Always, the two disciplines must be consistent, integrated and customer-focused. Consumers have never had so much choice, and there is no room for complacency. We analyse every aspect of the business, its positioning and the way that sales and marketing functions.

Typical CrystalConsultant sales and marketing activities:

• Optimised Internet presence

• Email campaigns

• High impact literature

• On-the-road sales representation

• Participation in, and high visibility at national sales events

• Monthly and yearly sales support

• Proactive Public Relations activity

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Purchasing and Stock Control

CrystalConsultant provides consultancy and resource to enable you to maximise savings across your entire operation through more efficient and effective purchasing and stock control.

For many clients, a rigorous audit and review of suppliers and working practices can significantly improve profitability within a short timescale.

Our aim is always to produce a fully functional control system to suit your style of business. Premier Cru can implement the controls, and also train your staff and management on how to use and get the best results from them.

Typical CrystalConsultant purchasing and stock control consultancy:

• Audit of stocktaking practices and procedures

• Implementation of control systems

• Identification of cost-savings

• Selective stock-takes and monitoring

• Key supplier proposals

• Introduction of weekly ‘flash’ food gross profit reports

• Purchase order systems

Please note that all discounts negotiated with suppliers are passed on to our clients.

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